What is LEDC?

What is a LEDC?

LEDC is an abbreviation for Less Economically Developed Country or we may know it as a developing country. Countries that are claimed to LEDCs are relatively poor countries. But what defines if a country is a poor country or not? Therefore, here are some qualities of most LEDCs:

(Revision World- GCSE Revision)

Birth Rate Birth rate is higher than MEDCs (more economically developed countries). 20-45 people are born per 1000 people.
Death Rate High due to poor health care and a wide spread of various diseases.
Infant Mortality A high proportion of babies that are under the age of 5 die because of poor health care. About 3500 babies in an average LEDC die every day due to the lack of interest in health care and food.
People per Doctor Few people in a LEDC will meet with a doctor unless they are wealthy.
Life Expectancy The life expectancy of a LEDC is low compared to MEDCs. This is because people in LEDCs don’t have frequent medical care and have bad qualities of life.
Housing Most houses in LEDCs
Literacy Due to the fact that parents in LEDCs cannot afford to let their children attend school or in some places may not have schools because there are no children, the literacy rate in LEDCs are very low.

Many LEDC countries are the countries that produce most of the raw materials for the world. The raw materials created by the LEDCs are sold to MEDCs (more economically developed countries) in cheap prices. After all the basic resources and parts that MEDCs needs for its factories are sent, rich people or company owners that produce products will find a LEDC that will accept to make a factory or a sweatshop to make their products. Most LEDCs would accept the request because the owner of the sweatshop will get some income when he had none before the company of a MEDC shows up. Therefore, the company will provide the factory with the cheap raw materials they were able to get from LEDCs. Then, after the wanted product is produced from the sweatshop, the company will bring all the products back to another country where everything gets assembled together. However products such as clothes already gets fully created in the sweatshop so there is no need for it to travel to another destination, but things such as soccer balls may need to travel to one or two places to create the whole thing. Once a certain amount of product is finished creating, it gets sent back to the home country of the company. Then when the finalized products reach to the home country, it gets exported to all the countries that the company globalized to. However, the obvious but peculiar part at this stage is the price of the products. MEDCs have already bought raw materials in a very cheap price and then used those cheap raw materials to make civilians in a poor country work in a factory for about 20 hours a day, 7 days a week and get paid 1 or 2 dollars a week. Lastly, all the hard effort and the endless sweat of the workers result in having the price of about 30 dollars which costs 30 times more than what the people that actually make it get.


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